Brad Parsk is a British explorer and survivalist.

Originally from Yorkshire, Parsk has travelled over 50 countries across the globe, spent one third of his life abroad and made his mark in the field of exploration.

Brad recalls gaining his first serious appreciation of adventure as a young teen while exploring the snowy mountains of Alsace, France, during a family holiday one winter. This formative experience planted the seed that would lead Brad towards a life of exploration and discovery.

It wasn't long before he was venturing out alone. At 19, while most of his peers were still being coddled by their parents, Brad was at the other side of the world chopping his way through the jungles of Southeast Asia.

At age 21, Brad canoed his way across western Canada, travelling a total of 350 miles through some of British Columbia's wildest backcountry.

In 2008, Brad summited Ben Nevis. Less than 3 weeks later he successfully summited the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain at 12,461 feet above sea level.

The following year, Brad embarked on an ambitious overland 4x4 expedition across the Middle East, travelling some 1500 miles through Egypt, Jordan and beyond. During this time, he was fortunate to spend several weeks in Wadi Rum, living alongside Bedouin tribes and learning the art of self-sufficiency in a desert environment.

Parsk relocated to Alaska in 2010, where he lived and worked for 3 years assisting local conservation groups to conduct valuable wildlife research. During a difficult hike to a remote cabin one spring, Brad found himself in a humbling survival situation that forever instilled in him the importance of being prepared. More on that here.

Vowing never to be caught out again, Brad dedicated himself to mastering wilderness survival techniques, training under some of the world's top names. Now an instructor in his own right, Brad has enjoyed great success teaching individuals and groups alike. Survival training can be booked here.

Amid numerous global expeditions, Brad's exploration of China's Yuecheng Mountains remains a high point in his career. Trekking over 200 miles through lush forest and traversing precipitous limestone cliffs, Parsk made an important find - an ancient tomb containing various cultural relics dating back to the Yuan dynasty. The discovery made headlines in Hunan province, making Parsk an overnight sensation.

An experienced musher, Brad's latest expedition (March 2020) saw him lead a dog team over 500 miles across the arctic circle. Travelling through three countries; Norway, Sweden and Finland, the journey tested the endurance of both man and dog. While battling polar winds, hypothermia and a shoulder injury, Brad pressed on to complete the trip in less than 9 days and received an outpouring of support from fellow adventurers for his resilience.

An avid conservationist and supporter of indigenous rights, Brad's hobbies and interests are wide-ranging: from weight training, running, swimming and martial arts to lost cities, ancient artefacts, philosophy and the 7 wonders.

A regular speaker in lecture halls, Brad is an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. He is also a member of the Explorers Club and a member of Mensa.


A rising star in the field of survival and adventure.

- David Lama

Mountaineer, adventurer & sport climber